Window Checkout

Getting Started

This is perhaps the simplest way to integrate Billwerk+ Payments Checkout. Simply initialize it once a payment session have been created. This will automatically redirect the client to the Billwerk+ Payments Checkout Window, within the same browser tab.

  • Include the Billwerk+ JavaScript SDK
    HTML include the Reepay JavaScript SDK
    <script src=""></script>
  • Open Checkout as a window
    Window Initialise using the Reepay JavaScript SDK
    var rp = new Reepay.WindowCheckout(' YOUR SESSION ID HERE ');



Notice that for Subscription sessions, the metod name is WindowSubscription.


Events will be fired directly to the Accept and Cancel URLs provided in the session create request as GET parameters, like so:

GET https://yourdomain?id=<thecurrentsessionid>&invoice=<invoice/chargehandle>&customer=<customerhandle>&payment_method=<payment_method_ID_stored_in_Reepay_for_recurring_session_or_charge_session_with_recurring_flag>
idstringThe current session id
invoicestringInvoice/charge handle (charge session)
customerstringCustomer handle
subscriptionstringSubscription handle (subscription session)
payment_methodstringPayment method if a new one is created (recurring session or charge session with recurring flag)
errorstringPotential error code on cancel URL

What’s Next