Billwerk+ Optimize supports two types of payments:

  • One-off payments · single payment for a given service or goods.
    If you have a web shop, you use one-off payments when customers make a purchase.
  • Recurring payments · payments deducted automatically at a regular interval.
    If you run a subscription-based business, you will need recurring payments.

Many businesses use a combination of the two types of payments:

  • Customers may pay a monthly base fee to get certain benefits like free shipping (Recurring),
  • but can buy goods and services in a web shop (One-off).

The Billwerk+ Payments Platform support one-off payments, recurring payments as well as a combination of the two.

Payment Window

In a one-off payment scenario, where no stored customer payment method will be used, you will need a payment window, where the customer can see the purchase amount and enter the payment details.

Billwerk+ Payments Checkout solves this with the charge session type.

It is a secure payment window which can be integrated directly on your website.

Billwerk+ Payments Checkout supports multiple methods of payments:

  • debit cards
  • credits cards
  • and other payment schemes (MobilePay, Viabill).



For added security you can have strong customer authentication by the use of 3D Secure and Secured by Nets. Here the customer will go through a flow to authenticate using a strong authentication mechanism. E.g. NemID or a one-time code via SMS before the payment is approved.

Reusable payment method

If you get recurring payments, or you would like to store the customer payment details for later one-off payments, a reusable payment method needs to be stored.

Billwerk+ Payments Checkout solves this with the recurring session type:

  • The customer is redirected to a payment window for entering payment method details to be saved
  • The reusable payment method can be used as a payment method when creating subscriptions or as a payment method for one-off payments.
  • Strong customer authentication by the use of 3D Secure and Secured by Nets is also possible as verification before storing the payment method.



A reusable payment method can also be created at the same time a one-off payment is performed in Checkout.

An example of this usage could be a combined one-off payment and subscription sign-up. A payment is performed and a reusable payment method is returned that can be used when creating a subscription.