On-demand billing

Subscriptions can also be used as recurring payment agreements if there is no automatic billing.


  • A customer pays a bill and then signs up for automatic payment.
  • A customer uses credits from some account (auto refill).

To use this functionality, a subscription plan with a manual billing cycle must be used.

The plan can:

  • Either have zero amount.
  • Or it can have some fixed amount.

Invoices can:

  • Be created on-demand for the subscription with automatic handling like dunning management as if it was created by Billwerk+ Payments.
  • Be set to fail instantly if it cannot be paid, allowing instant feedback on the success or failure.

When the customer signs up for automatic payment, a subscription is created for a manual plan. The subscription can be seen as a recurring payment agreement. When a bill is subsequently generated in the merchant system, it is created as an invoice in Billwerk+, and this is where you can handle potential dunning, etc.

Using recurring payment agreements can be divided into a number of steps described below.