Welcome to the Billwerk+Optimize API documentation.

The Billwerk+Optimize API is REST based and designed to have predictable resource-oriented URLs and to use HTTP response codes to indicate API errors.

The Billwerk+Optimize API is formally specified using a OpenAPI 3 Specification. It is a specification standard surrounded by an ecosystem of tools, which includes front-end user interfaces and code generation libraries. We mainly offer an OpenAPI Specification as an API documentation tool, and caution against simply generating client code directly from the specification. The chances are that such code is overly complex and will be difficult to test and maintain. The whole Billwerk+Optimize system is exposed through API, but only a small subset is normally required for common operations such as managing subscriptions and creating one-time charges. A generated client will usually contain mostly unused operations and attributes. Furthermore will the auto generated code ca be rigid regarding object and enum structure. If new fields are added the auto generated code can fail.

Billwerk+Optimize OpenAPI resources:

The specification user-interface allows testing of resource operations using your private API key.

Examples on the use of the API can be found here.