the account object or a company within optimize

When using Billwerk+Optimize, you have the ability to have multiple accounts.

Use multiple accounts when:

  • Selling in multiple currencies
  • Selling from multiple locations
  • You want to segment your customers
  • Have a test account alongside a live account

An Example:

The company "Awesome Fitness" have fitness centers in the UK and Denmark, in both countries they have a head office.

They want to ensure customers will be billed in local currency and are billed from the local head office. Furthermore they want to limit access for their support and finance employees to only relevant data.

Therefore they add two accounts to their organization, one for UK and one for DK.

Now, when adding customers and subscription they can specify the account by it's API Key/Token. (remember to generate an API key for your account after creating)

Values like address,city,locale, phone,website,logo will affect the information your customers receive in E-mails and on hosted pages from Billwerk+Optimize. The currency value will decide the currency for the accounts plans and basically what currency you customers will pay in.

When granting access to new users "Awesome Fitness" can choose to limit access to one account or both.

You can also manage your accounts in our admin.